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Independent Partner of company “FOHOW”

  Hello, my name is Vera Shishkina. Starting from 2003 I have been practicing alternative medicine in “FOHOW” international corporation. Since then me and my big family, 3 children and 4 grandchildren, have forgotten the last time we have been to policlinic. No, we are not disregarding the traditional way of medicine. Simply we have stopped aching and completely renounces the traditional methods of treatment. Write me and all of the secrets of Chinese medicine will be at your disposal. You can also register to a consultation of a doctor of the medical sciences.

Slogan of Fohow Group: Spreading health culture and bring benefit to health for human being.

Igniting the passion and realizing our dreams.

Career value of Fohow Group: to absorb merits of all just like a sea incorporating hundreds of rivers.

Vision of Fohow Group: To be the best enterprise in the health industry throughout the world.

Three principles of products development in Fohow Group

1.The products effect must be remarkable; products without good effect will not be produced.

2.The products must be safe and natural; the chemical compounded products will not be produced.

3.The products must conform to the connotation of the traditional health preserving culture; the prescription is only owned by Fohow enterprise.

  Medications of the Phoenix corporation are very widely applied as preventive therapy and revitalizing means in rehabilitation. These dope-free dietary supplements are successfully applied by the sportsmen from different countries, including national Olympic teams of China, Lithuania, Latvia and other countries. A significant amount of gold medals won by Chinese in 2004 Olympics in Athens, is a merit not only of the sportsmen and the coaching staff, but also of these remarkable preparations made from cordyceps and other higher mushrooms.

  Phoenix is an auspicious super-bird that can bring luckiness to people. It is said that people who see him will gain a happy life. Fohow Group, setting its goal at “spreading health culture and bring benefit to health for human being”, expects to bring health and happiness to all friends just like the phoenix bird do. Phoenix, absorbing merits of hundreds of birds, with the most fair-sounding voice, the strongest physique, and the most beautiful feather, is the king of birds. Just like the target of Fohow Group, to be the best and the largest company. Phoenix, a valorous bird that never afraid of difficulties, who has experienced numerous tribulation and tempering in raging flame but always reborn and grow to be the most beautiful and immortal super-bird. Our partners in Fohow Group also pursuit of excellence and never afraid of throwback till we become the best.